Increase profitability

  • Use true profitability algorithms to retune your approach
  • Remove unnecessary costs
  • Target profitable customers
  • Soft block loss making customers

Improve customer experience and retention

Smart digital return experience

Our smart digital returns engine enables retailers to meet customer’s needs efficiently and effectively. With dynamic, customer specific returns options, retailers can ensure the post-purchase experience is a positive, brand enhancing dialogue and experience.

Customer specific shipping and returns costs

Ensure returns are handled cost efficiently and routed where they are most needed, when they are needed. Our algorithms can tailor customer unique pricing for shipping and adjust return fees, rewarding loyalty and maintaining your profitability.

True profitability analysis and segmentation

Life time value focus is the path to higher profits. Retaining customers and ensuring they remain truly profitable over time is vital. Our unique segmentation views with real-time analysis of customers and products empower retailers to take profitability activities to the next level.

Actionable, unique business insights

  • Real time profitability analysis
  • Connecting post shipping activities to your webstore
  • A view for every department

Easycom products

  • Advanced algorithms powering return options
  • Control tower alerts and rules engine
  • Dynamic profitability triggers

Smart Digital Returns

Profitability Control Tower

Automation Toolkit

Action Boards

True Profitability Calculator

Estimate your potential net profit increase with help of our profitability calculator.

Turnover (5,000,000 €)

Return share (25%)

Yearly savings

Minimum expected
Typical savings
0 %
Potential savings
0 %

Calculations are based upon statistical models developed for the Scandinavian market within the fashion market segment. The estimated savings range is further refined with our experience of solutions we have implemented, and reflects the difference in a light touch implementation through to a fully integrated and automated set of services.

Easycom has a holistic approach to returns management, which is absolutely essential. Their products combine flawless customer experience with hugely cost efficient services in the international commerce market of today.

Head of Logistics, Caliroots Group AB

We chose Easycom to enable AIM to continue our rapid international growth, to create a smoothly free return and exchange management, and to get better control of our customers’ return behavior.

Robin Mostacero, CEO – Aim´n AB

We chose easycom because their platform focuses both on the customer experience and streamlining our operational processes.

– Jon Liljestrand, COO – Babyshop Group AB