Business Action Boards

Provides you as a retailer with cross-border opportunities to deal with the profitability problem that has arisen from new international buying and returning patterns.

Provides retailers with unique insights for profitability-driven sales, marketing and purchasing management

Business Benefits

Automated profitability monitoring
Prevent returns and dissatisfied customers
Profitability optimising of sales & marketing

“We chose Easycom to enable us to continue our rapid international growth, to create a smooth, free return and exchange management system, and to gain better control of our customers’ return behaviours.” 

– Robin Mostacero, CEO Aim´n

Retain profitable customers

A surprisingly small proportion of your customers account for a large proportion of your profitability. The focus on “Life Time Value” (LTV) is becoming an increasingly critical component for higher profitability.

Retaining your customers and making sure they are profitable over time is vital.

Product profitability monitoring

New buying patterns in e-commerce drive a large proportion of variable costs, unique to the product, customer and market.

Monitoring the correct profitability is the cross-border key to taking the right action.

1 in 3

E-retailers in fashion are unprofitable. Time to focus on sustainable profitability?

true profitability

Profitability optimization for every transaction – that is the core of all our services. Read more here.

Headless true profitability

Take advantage of the power of true profitability; at a customer level in your marketing campaigns or use the insights from products in you PIM and your merchandising.

Reward your best customers and increase customer loyalty by giving free return and shipping at checkout.

Profitability is sustainable

When the impact of each step in a value chain is understood and profitable, the likelihood of it being sustainable also increases. When the profitability chain is broken, someone else has to pay – in many cases the environment. 

Sustainability is not easy but if every product’s costs and intrinsic values are understood then we have taken a big step forward.