Easycom’s suite of products provide a modular framework for tackling the profitability issues facing retailers.


Building on the insight from returns data, processing costs, product margins and much more our products connect to create a suite of services and tools to positively change the way your entire business functions. 

Smart Digital Returns

Smart digital returns allow retailers to meet customers returns needs online. Dynamically providing a personalised experience, driving loyalty & brand advocacy via returns processing.  Gone are the days of paper based returns!

Profitability Control Tower

With a real time view of the changing landscape that is your eCommerce shop, returns, stock levels, product issues, margin movements and much more. Control tower is the tool for alerts, threshold management and forewarning of problems before they impact your business.

Automation Toolkit

Automation Toolkit is a set of REST APIs that connect true profitability data in real-time to external systems. Typical uses include increase the profitability of your marketing campaigns by complementing your CRM data with true profitability segmentation, minimise losses by limiting sales of low profit products and soft block unprofitable customers at checkout using our toolkit. 

Action Boards

More than just a set of KPIs, easycom’s action board insight turns retail on its head. Customers, products, brands and more are all viewed against sales, returns, profitability and operational costs. Measured in realtime,  stimulating action through out your business.