Smart Digital Returns

A unique customer and product experience which builds both loyalty to the brand through personalised return processing and drives re-conversion.

Maximized profitability in each transaction combined with real-time logistics management providing a more cost-effective and more sustainable return process.

Multiple customer journeys and unique profitability-based decisions give you access to the full potential of your return process.

Business Benefits with Smart Digital Returns 

Reconversion and increased proportion of profitable customers
Efficient operational and logistical return process
Automated and quality assured administration

“Easycom’s services combine a clearly improved customer experience with a direct impact on our operational and logistic processes. We have not seen this combination with anyone else.”


– Anders Jentler, DCO Didrikssons


Sustainable return logistics

 What is the shortest route to the greatest need – warehouse, store or outlet partner? 

Simplify the process  your customers and reduce paper usage with a completely digital mobile experience.

Different markets have different conditions – enable market specific return services based on local requirements.

Express changes and re-conversion

Encourage your customers into more sustainable and profitable behaviour with faster exchange services. Minimize the number of returns by nudging customers to buy only the right items first time and offer express exchanges to support this approach.

Research shows that many online sales are lost due to slow and uncertain returns processing. Interact with, and guide your customers through the stages of the returns handling.


More expensive to process a return than to ship to a customer – what is your profitability potential?

true profitability

Profitability optimization of every transaction – the foundation of all our services. Read more here.

Headless returns

Headless returns APIs enable your own brand message to be at the heart of the returns customer journeys.

Craft a look and feel unique to your customers using our platform with profitability algorithms and a decision engine for more profitable and more sustainable return management.

The return room – bottleneck?

Slow operational handling of return packages is not only costly but also has additional consequential effects such as slow feedback to customers and limited stocks supplies on site.

Utilize a digitized return process for qualitative and optimized identification of inbound packages and products. Link the tracking seamlessly with customer service for brand enhancing dialogue with customers

Digitized Return Policy

Free return handling? Only when exchanging or crossing freight-free limit? A smart digital return policy makes the right decision depending on the market, carrier and set rules.

 Furthermore, a digital return policy ensures that the correct actions are carried out administratively, operationally and logistically.

Starting with the research

We work closely with academics and incorporate their results into our algorithms and services.

A collaboration that benefits our innovation and gives your business the edge in the field.

Innovation, prototype & business development

We are never satisfied, there is always more to do. Research, customer feedback and new opportunities are constantly giving us new ideas. If you want a partner with innovation prowess and deep market experience, you have found the right one!

Collaboration with return hubs

We have several partnerships with return hubs who have vast experience and knowledge of efficient and quality returns handling. With our tight integration, retailers  benefit from the digitized return process.